The DENTAL EXPLORER (PICK) has several uses.

Dental Explorer The tool used most by dentists use to find small decay. Part of the Complete Hygiene Kit
Removes those annoying popcorn hulls from your teeth.Look for Decay. Check for small or beginning decay by gently runing the explorer tip over all the crown of the teeth about once per month.

Do not use on an exposed “root” of the tooth. The root is just below or above the “white” crown, depending if you are looking at the lower or upper teeth. Do not try to clean decay (brown or black spots) with the Explorer or any dental instrument. THIS SHOULD ONLY BE DONE BY THE DENTIST.

If the Explorer suddenly “stops” or “hangs up” in your tooth, call your dentist for an appointment.

Repairing decay whenever it’s first detected is always recommended by dentists and

Add to Cart DENTAL EXPLORER Reg. Price – $17.97
Sale Price – $15.99

Another “100% Guaranteed” product!
Remember: Cleaning better at home means whiter teeth and whiter smiles.

**Only the finest raw materials are used in each of our products. The manufacturing facilities for each product strictly adhere to FDA Good Manufacturing Practices Regulations for Medical Devices and are ISO Certified. Further, each product has the CE Mark and therefore conforms with the European Union product safety, health and environmental legal mandates. Only Homedent instruments are approved and recommended by dentists.

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